It's a Team's Life

Watch This Space!

By Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted Jul 26th 2022 8:30AM

If you’ve been around the expedite block a time or two, you’re probably familiar with the newest addition to the blog team. And if you haven’t been longtime readers of our driver-contributed blogs, then allow us to introduce Sandy Goche and Stephen Halsted.

Considering recent health issues concerning our dynamic blogging team of Bob and Linda Caffee, Stephen and Sandy have offered to step in and pinch hit in their stead.

Recently, the owner operators responsible for G & H Custom attended the 2022 Expedite Expo. Sandy and Stephen spent a considerable amount of time talking with folks who are interested in following their footsteps to becoming owner ops, they also devoted additional time listening to others who had knowledge to spare.

That’s what you get with Stephen and Sandy: two down-to-earth folks who created their own adventure by leaving their old lives behind to start anew in expedite. They’ll be sharing what they know, as well as eagerly aspiring to learn that which they do not know. You’re going to enjoy their blog contributions.

As we all wish good health and a speedy recovery to Bob and Linda Caffee, please join us in welcoming Sandy and Stephen to the EO family.