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It's a Team's Life

Unconditional Love

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jun 29th 2018 7:40AM

Living with a pet full time creates a very strong attachment between the pet and their humans.  Our pets learn many words and also can read our emotions quickly.  When we are sad they are sad and when we are happy they are very happy.  When we are stressed they are there to put a foot on our knee or snuggle up with us until we feel better.

A cat is a whole different story, or at least the one we have is.  Squeaky is named Squeaky because he is very very vocal.  When we come back to the truck he is often laying on his blanket on the dash and his only acknowledgment that we are back is a yowl to let us know we need to check his food or water dish.  If we are gone for a longer period of time he will follow us to the sleeper of the truck still yowling to let us know about his displeasure.  Before long though he has forgotten about us and goes back to doing what cats do a lot of, sleeping.

The best part of having a cat in the truck is the litter box and him being very self-sufficient.  We found at the hard way that his food and litter box must be separated by more than the walls of the litter box.  Now Squeaky has his own private restroom area as well as his own dining area.  He also has a fleece blanket that he likes to lay on even when in the air ride seat.  He is also the boss of the truck and if something does not go the way he wants he lets us know immediately.  Squeaky is not allowed on the dash when the truck is moving and he knows that when the truck starts he must get down which he does complaining all of the way.  He always makes us smile though with his antics and his blasé faire attitude towards life.  He is our first cat and he has sure turned us into cat lovers.  Squeaky is now three and he is a very beautiful black kitty.

Texas, our German Shepherd got into our truck when she was eight weeks old and she believes all animals live in a moving home.  She took to the truck like a duck to water.  From the very first day in the truck she has never had an accident and she chews on her own toys.  At one time she chewed on a seat belt and got into trouble and that was the end of that.  Talk about lucky for us.  For the first several months when we were not in the truck and at night she slept in her crate then she outgrew the crate…. Now she has been in the truck for over a year and overall she behaves herself.  She likes to hassle Squeaky some till Squeaky has had enough and he bites her ear. 

It is awesome to see them cuddled up together sound asleep.  After several years without a dog in our truck, it is really nice to come back and see Texas sitting in the front seat waiting patiently for us.  I will never forget the first time we walked back to our truck after Molly passed away.  It was awful and of course, we said that would be our last dog as we could not go through that again. Famous last words.

Texas, the dog, forgives us if we are grouchy, gone to long, don’t have time to play as long as she wants, or make her move so we can take her seat.  She is always happy to see us even if gone for one minute or half a day.  Squeaky the cat lets us know when we were gone too long, complains with loud yowls when we make him move, and I think actually struts after shredding an important piece of paper, and yet we love him as well as Texas with all of our hearts.   We have many more rules then they do and we expect them to honor our rules and in return, they have our love, plenty of food and water, air conditioning and heating, a soft place to sleep, and all of the hugs and kisses I can give them.

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

Expediters since January 2005


Expediting isn't just trucking, it's a lifestyle;

Expediting isn't just a lifestyle, it's an adventure;

Expediting isn't just an adventure, it's a job;

Expediting isn't just a job, it's a business.


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