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It's a Team's Life

Tiny Home Living for Two Humans and Two Pets

By Linda Caffee
Posted Oct 17th 2017 9:20AM

Many people spend a lot of time in their trucks and many do not have a sleeper as large as ours and of course there are also much larger sleepers.  Ours is just right for us 64ft2 works with enough room for two adults, a kitty, and a growing puppy.  The schedule for an expediter is as erratic as our income and we can sit for days or we can run for days and we are happy doing both. 

As you might imagine floor space is in constant demand with two humans, a kitty, and a quickly growing German Shepard puppy.  After nearly seventeen years of being in a truck Bob and I have learned how to do the sleeper “dance” where he moves one way and I move the other when getting dressed at the same time.  Now we add in a few more moves to not step on Squeaky the kitty, or Texas the puppy. 

Texas was added to the truck as a seven-week-old puppy and she does not know anything different and thinks all dogs live with their people in close quarters all day and night.  She does not worry when I am cooking that I am standing between her legs as she lays on the floor or that my foot is within inches of her ear.  When I get out the vacuum and start cleaning the animals make themselves as scarce as possible.  Squeaky goes to the dash and Texas hides as well as she can in front of the seats and then they switch to the sleeper when I move to the front of the truck.  Neither enjoy when I decide to vacuum them. 

Squeaky is allowed on the dash as long as we are not moving and he enjoys laying on his blanket surveying his kingdom.  Squeaky also owns both the passenger and driving seat and Texas has to stay on the floor by his decree.  Texas has learned to sit on the back benches but she spends most of her time on the floor which is fine with all of us.

When the weather is good the windows are open and Squeaky likes to look outside and smell the air.  He will also stand on the seat and do the same if the doors are open and he has no desire to jump unless we are home and then he will get out of the truck.  Texas is still learning to get out and in the truck and that has been slow going.  She will stand on the ground and put her feet on the bottom steps but does not try to jump and getting out she will slide her feet down to the top step while laying down and try to slither out.  Our arm muscles have gotten stronger from lifting her in and out as a human elevator.   She looks pretty satisfied with herself as she is cradled in our arms and we place her on the ground.

Texas as soon as she is in the truck turns for a treat and to have her feet cleaned.  The less she tracks in the easier it is for me to keep the truck and sleeper clean.  Winter is fast approaching and with that comes more mud and snow to be tracked in by all of us.  I think our new floor will help a lot as it is easier to wipe down.

Trash containers can create a problem.  Bob made a container that the trash can fits in and we can use as a side table.  The table/trashcan works perfect when we are driving to contain our drinks as well as snacks.  Texas though figured out quickly that it is the perfect height for her to browse through for tempting morsels. She found my gum I had thrown away and for a week or so she had sticky blue spots on her and of course she got that on our rugs. The gum wore off and the rugs finally had to be trashed before Bob created a lid that we can close so she cannot browse through the trash can.

Over all we seem to fit very well into our tiny space without getting on each other’s nerves. When we are parked, we perform certain duties and the kitty lays on the dash and when we are moving the kitty lays on the seat and Texas makes herself comfortable on the floor.  The humans work around the pets and try to not step on tails which causes a yipping or yowling commotion.  Pretty much we all respect each other’s space except for Texas who always wants to be as close as possible. 

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

Expediters since January 2005


Expediting isn't just trucking, it's a lifestyle;

Expediting isn't just a lifestyle, it's an adventure;

Expediting isn't just an adventure, it's a job;

Expediting isn't just a job, it's a business.

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  • sbenisch - October 18, 2017
    Linda, enjoyable read and ADORABLE pic! Shelly

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