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Temporarily Closed

By Linda Caffee
Posted Sep 25th 2020 7:40AM

We are now several months into businesses having their doors closed, and I wonder how many will reopen?  As time goes by, we are seeing more buildings being advertised for sale or lease. 

Some restaurants are fighting for their lives by offering seating under tents with tables while their building sits empty and dark.  How does it make sense in a state like California to ban plastic straws and yet have all of these businesses using to go styrofoam containers as they cannot use washable plates? 

Where is the sense in leaving big box stores open and closing small businesses?  Letting people fly on planes and yet closing churches? Paying full price for a hotel room that they will no longer clean while you are staying there?  You have to ask for towels, take out the trash, and go to the front desk for yet another plastic bag for ice?

They did not want to give us an extra towel at one travel stop due to “Covid”.  Excuses for poor service due to Covid are just that excuses.  How is the world sitting in a chair while doing laundry in a truck stop allows the manager to go into a screaming fit?  Covid does not give a store manager the right to become a prison warden.  

As a small business owner, how many of us could handle being shut down as long as many of these businesses have?  Their expenses have continued on the same as our fixed expenses would if we had to park the truck.  I can only imagine how bitter I would be to look out and see a brand new truck sitting because the government is telling me I could not drive it due to Covid. 

The picture of this casino still closed in late September makes me wonder if it will ever reopen.  We have delivered slot machines here before, but now it is a large empty parking lot with trucks and RV parking. 

How far will all of this craziness go before we say we have had enough? 

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

Expediters since January 2005

[email protected]


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