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Staying Hydration

Staying Hydrated In Winter

By Sandy and Stephen
Posted Dec 5th 2022 8:00AM

Most everyone thinks you have to stay hydrated in warm or hot weather.  Well guess what?  Everyone needs to keep hydrated during the winter months also.

You sweat just as much in winter months as you do during the summer.  Why you do not notice it is because the sweat evaporates faster in cold weather than it does in hot.  The outside air is dryer in the winter so your sweat evaporates much faster so you do not notice it, your body also does not retain that moisture.

This is why and reasons for staying hydrated during winter cold weather is important.

In cold weather when you are dehydrated your immune system is compromised and makes you prone to colds and other illnesses.  Also, fatigue is a problem.  Those who are dehydrated tend to be fatigued easily.  This is because the cold weather makes the body burn energy faster.

Best ways to stay hydrated during the winter.

Drink warm water with a splash for lemon or lime.  Warm or hot water will help keep your body temperature warm.  The warm or hot water will help replenish some of the moisture the body needs.  Try not to drink too much caffeinated drinks such as coffee, soda, or tea.

If you have to spend a lot of time out in the cold.  Wear layered cloths and make sure you do not over get over heated.  Remove layers as you start to feel hot.  That way to limit the amount of moisture your body will lose.

A good friend of ours sent us a picture of a dehydration chart he saw in a men’s restroom at a truck stop.  It shows what stage of dehydration you are in from the color of your urine.  See  the picture below for the description of the stage of dehydration you might be in.

Hydration chart

Sandy & Stephen

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