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Santa Claus is REAL

By Linda Caffee
Posted Dec 18th 2019 8:53AM

This time of the year can be very stressful, and it is easy to get depressed. It has been proven that giving can make the giver feel better than the receiver.

How do we keep depression from happening? There are studies after studies showing that when we give, we feel better. Thinking of ideas to give can be fun. It does not always have to be money or a gift. A kind word or noticing when someone has done a good job or even what they are wearing and saying something can give that person a good feeling.

I read the following and decided “yes” I like being a Santa Claus all year long:

I could not find any information about who wrote this piece.  I thought about this line “You see, Santa Claus is THE IDEA OF GIVING FOR THE SAKE OF GIVING, without thought of thanks or acknowledgment. How powerful is that line? When our children were younger, seeing their faces over what Santa Claus had brought them brought even more joy to us. We were struggling hard at that time to make ends meet, and a lot of thought was given to the Santa Claus gift. We gave our daughters the practical things that were not nearly as exciting as what Santa Claus brought.

While out on the road, we leave a little bigger tip after a meal at a truck stop, a bigger tip for the shower attendant, and, when possible, give a small gift to shippers and receivers. This year I learned how to make a short cartoon type videos that I could send to friends expressing my appreciation for their friendship. There are many ways to say thank you, and one of the best as far as I am concerned is the gift of time. The time spent to make a gift, make a card, or share a meal or a glass of tea.

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