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Planning starts for the next truck

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jul 5th 2021 6:18AM

We have found that it takes about a year of planning a truck and sleeper before we actually move into the new truck.  

The truck specs are gone over with a fine-tooth comb as technology changes quickly and we have to decide what we want on the next truck.  The sleeper will also have changes as we learn what works for us or if something changes in our lives and we need a design change. 

Bob has the first set of specs for the next truck and he is looking over the new changes.  He will have a lot of questions concerning what will work in a straight truck as what works in a truck pulling a trailer is not always best for us.  He will also research new technology and there is a lot to consider with this upgrade. 

The sleeper will be a huge change as we figured out we are in the group of people who do not enjoy using the shower in the truck.  We had a  lot of sound reasons why the shower would work for us but our freight changed and there was no need for the shower as we were parking at truck stops.  

The great thing about ARI Legacy Sleepers is that Brandon will assist in figuring out the best use for the space the shower used.  We have always had darker sleepers and I am ready for a sleeper that is not so dark and am debating on the cabinet and floor colors.  

All in All both of us will have headaches before the final order is placed and we move into the new truck and figure out where everything goes! 

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