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It's a Team's Life

On the road versus home time

By Bob & Linda Caffee
Posted Nov 16th 2009 1:46AM

For having a very unstructured way of life out here on the road we are much more structured in our daily lifestyle.   We actually eat better on the road, I get my exercise better on the road, and I stay current with various projects I am involved with.  

When we are at home we eat horrible as we have access and the ability to easily make bigger meals.   I have so much more fun cooking that I cook more meals with many different dishes.   I also make huge portions and freeze leftovers for the truck.   We have things we want to do to the house and have crammed in many appointments we need to make so I have a hard time fitting in my walk.   We stay busy from morning to night and almost forget we even have a truck on some days.

When we get back in the truck is often feels as if we have just came back from vacation.


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