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Mid America Truck Show 2023

By Sandy and Stephen
Posted Mar 16th 2023 8:00AM

This years Mid America Truck Show (MATS) at the Kentucky Expo Center on March 30 to April 1, 2023.  This show says they are the largest in the United States.  We could say it is.  We have been attending it since 2013 and it is our go to show for doing our research (hands on) on new products, technology, and other things.  It is a grueling three days of running and talking so bring some great and comfortable pair of shoes.

MATS says that they have over 1,000,000 of floor space.  With over 850 exhibitors.  They have over 50,000 attendees.  Also, over 40 featured events.  In the past years they have stepped up the education area with what they call “PRO Talks” and have over 40 of them over the three days.

It is important to get yourself organized for the marathon you will be running for three days.   We build a list of the vendors we “must” see, also on this list are one we would like to visit.  We pick a starting point like the Pavilion since this is where the shuttle bus drops us off.  Most of the time we can get to most of the must-see vendors on Thursday and into Friday.  This depends on how many of the Pro talks we want to go to on those two days.  It normally turns out that Saturday is the catch up or revisit day.  Some of the vendors have become really good friends over the years and it is nice to say good bye see you next year and such.

This year we will be part of the PRO Talk.  It is titled “Learn and Apply, Learn and Adjust” and is on Friday March 31 at 1700 (5pm) on the PRO Talk stage in the East Hall.  The Trucking Solutions Group which has 12 members will be presenting how a peer group can help you in your daily life and business.

A very important event we also attend is the Women In Trucking “Salute to Women Behind the Wheel”.  This event will be held on Friday March 31 at 1530 (3:30 pm) South Wing C201-C203, 2nd Floor.  This is a great event not just for women but for everyone.  A lot of information is passed along.

For parking you are coming in a four wheeler than the Center have over 19,000 parking spots.  They charge for this parking.  If you are coming in a “Big Truck” you have two choices.  They offer free parking and shuttle service to the event in the University of Louisville stadium lot on Park Blvd.  The second it they do have paid parking on the Center.  For RV’s there is paid spots on the Center.

On Friday Mar 31 in the evening is a free concert.  It is held in the Expo Center.  For those that are parking the free truck parking area shuttles will be running.

During the entire three days will be the PKY truck championship.  On one night Thursday they do PKY Light Show from dark to 2130 (9:30pm).  This is where the trucks show off the light they have.  This event is held outside and is free to everyone with a MATS badge.

Well, that is about it.  We hope we get to see and/or meet you at this years Mid America Truck Show.


Sandy & Stephen

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