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Merry Christmas

By Linda Caffee
Posted Dec 25th 2021 2:41PM

This is the year I quit waiting and after wanting to learn how to play the drums for the past fifty years I took the first step. 

At Thanksgiving, I bought a practice pad and sticks.  There are hundreds of videos on YouTube about how to get started and how to use a practice pad.  Between Thanksgiving and going home for Christmas I found out how uncoordinated I am but that will not deter me. 

I was never in band during school, cannot read music, and have no clue what I am doing but I am learning.  YouTube is amazing and while I stress that I am probably not doing everything correctly I am still moving forward. Each day I see a little improvement. 

When we came home for Christmas we went down to the local music store in our small town. I did it!  I bought a drum kit and holy cow is it LOUD.  The first hit on the snare drum and I about fell off of the chair.  Once again watching YouTube I slowly have started the process of learning with a specific song in mind I want to play along with.  Maybe in 2022, I will reach that goal but in the meantime, I am having a BLAST.  

Why oh WHY did I wait so long?  Fear of being laughed at as I am old and who in their right mind waits till they are this old to learn?  But none of that happened and I have got nothing but support from my family and from the local music store.  When we go on the road for now I will take my practice pad and hopefully, I will keep learning and getting more coordinated.  

Every time I look at my drum kit and think I finally did it I can do nothing but smile.  Why keep waiting to do something we have waited most of our lives to do?  We are not getting any younger.

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