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It is not worth your time

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jun 25th 2022 9:15AM

Do you have a ignore, do not see, or scroll over list? 

Recently when talking with another couple I asked if they were on Facebook and she said “No” I deleted it during the last presidential election.  All of the politics was driving me crazy so I got rid of it.  That was a case of cutting your nose off to spite your face as the questions they were asking could have easily been answered by a couple of groups on Facebook. 

Does Facebook drive me nuts” yes” but, there is always a but, I find the good in it.  There are groups that help us to do our jobs better and I like to see what family is up to.  There are also a lot of negative posts but I have learned to scroll by that post or if it is one person I am friends with I quit following them.  Why read the negative posts or better yet reply to them?  It is easy to go on by and reply with something positive to a better post.  

I have to laugh when I see a post complaining about the negative posts in a group.  Talk about calling the kettle black.  Usually, in the group they are complaining about there are a lot more positive posts than negative but this person is only seeing the bad.  Scroll on by or if you cant do that leave the group.  But again is that a good decision to leave and not learn?

When we drive for a company or are leased to a company do you see the positive or the negative?  Every company even if you have your own authority has issues you might not like but are required to do them.  When the negative overwhelms the positive it is time to move on and not complain to the whole world you are not being treated right.  Why stay at a company that makes you miserable.  Another good one is the person that decides because they are miserable everyone else must be miserable as well.  Each of us is different and what makes one person unhappy makes another person happy.  

Don't make a rash decision to leave a company when something has upset you give it a day or two to calm down and then weigh the pros and con’s against each other.  Is there a way to solve the problem or better yet look in the mirror and see if maybe the face looking back at you caused the problem?  It is easy to blame others for a problem but in reality, we cause a lot of our own heartache.  

Look for the good, not the negative, and scroll on.  There is no need to post something ugly when we do not agree with a post.  The post was not aimed at a particular person so why bother posting something ugly?  If we feel the need to post, post a view or an opinion that might differ without attracting the author of the post.  Forums have changed over the years and we have to change with the times.  

Bob & Linda Caffee
Saint Louis MO
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