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It's a Team's Life

Illogical Logic of Trucking

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jun 14th 2018 5:48AM

Example of how the illogical logic in trucking works when trying to get home:

Sitting in Atlanta, GA 623 miles from home

Get a load to Kansas City, MO 810 miles but we are now only 210 miles from home and we have made some money. 

Over and over during our years, I have had to laugh as we pass through our ultimate destination as we deliver a load. 

Early on in our career, this was really brought home to us by a quick-thinking dispatcher who needed a load covered.  We were trying to get to the Expedite Expo and we were about six hundred miles away.  When she offered us the load it was not going in the direction we needed which was east, her load went northeast.  When we told her we were trying to get to Wilmington, OH she said you are 600 miles away but if you take my load you will be a hundred miles closer then you are now and you will have some extra money in your pocket.  Well, how could we say no to that illogical logic?  This scenario has always stuck in our minds and we have used it to benefit our business many times. 

Thinking outside the box is really the normal thinking in trucking!  Enjoy the ride and for us the lifestyle.

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

Expediters since January 2005


Expediting isn't just trucking, it's a lifestyle;

Expediting isn't just a lifestyle, it's an adventure;

Expediting isn't just an adventure, it's a job;

Expediting isn't just a job, it's a business.


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