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How long can you drive?

By Linda Caffee
Posted Dec 11th 2018 8:06AM

Eleven hours is eleven hours behind the wheel.  To complicate it further is to say we can drive eleven hours in fourteen hours.  If I was to compare apples to apples with the general motoring public I would say we can drive for fourteen hours and they would be appalled as that is too long. 

When I talk to family and friends and they say that it took them to say four hours to get from point A and point B that time includes stops for rest areas, fuel, as well as snacks.   We also factor stopping when we plan our route and take into consideration the half-hour mandatory break.  The difference is when we tell someone how long we can drive it is actual time spent behind the steering wheel.

When asking a professional driver how long does it take to get from Saint Louis, MO to Kansas City, MO you will get the actual time that could include rest breaks, getting fuel, and possibly some time spent at a scale house showing an officer our documents saying we are legal to be on that road in that state.

In conclusion when someone asks a truck driver how long they can drive remember that is time spent behind the wheel actually driving.  

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

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