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It's a Team's Life

Great Places to Eat

By Bob & Linda Caffee
Posted Nov 25th 2009 1:05AM

I am from southern Arizona and I am very partial to Mexican food while Bob is from South Dakota and has had to acquire a taste for some of my favorites.   He prefers mild food and when we were first married he would not eat cheese.   He quickly figured out he was either going to have to learn to like cheese, starve to death, or learn to cook. He decided he could eat cheese.  I like hot spicy food and Bob prefers his food to be a little milder in flavor.   I really enjoy Ricky’s Café in Oklahoma City and if at all possible we take the time to stop.   They have awesome Carne Asada Taco’s that even Bob enjoys he just leaves off their hot sauce.   Bob really likes to stop at Peggy Sue’s Diner on I15 in California which has lots of room to park trucks.   He likes to order the biscuits and gravy.   The biscuits are huge and fluffy and the atmosphere and the waitresses are from a time gone by.   While we are in Canada I like to stop at Tim Horton’s for coffee, egg salad sandwiches and also the raisin tarts.   I have not been able to find the raisin tarts in the United States so when we go into Canada I start looking for a full service Tim Horton’s to stop at!   Where do you like to stop and eat?

Bob & Linda Caffee
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Saint Louis MO
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Expediting isn't just a lifestyle, it's an adventure;
Expediting isn't just an adventure, it's a job;
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