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Freeway Cap

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jul 5th 2020 4:03PM

In California on Interstate 210, look up before going under what looks like a long underpass.  We cannot see the beautiful park we are driving under that is pretty extensive, an acre and a half.

The park is known as La Cañada Flintridge's park or Memorial Park.  The address is 1301 Foothill Blvd., La Canada Flintridge, CA.

The park has two sets of playground equipment, trees, and what appears to be walking paths and a stage for music.  There is often a Farmers Market set up in the park as well.  The park also has lots of little small statues that one visitor calls "elf statues."  They are all over in unexpected places.  Many of the visitors post pictures of the little figures, and it sure makes me want to visit the park to see these in person.

The Memorial Park or Freeway Cap was built in 2003 for the small sum of $780,000.

There are lots and lots of pictures of the park here:

Memorial Park


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