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Fed Legislation

Federal Legislation Sept 2023

By Sandy and Stephen
Posted Sep 26th 2023 8:00AM

This will cover three bills that are in both houses.  Two of them are House of Representatives and one is in the Senate.

As of September 18, the U.S. Senate is considering an amendment that would incorporate its version of the DOT appropriations bill, among others, as part of a military constructions and veterans affairs bill (H.R. 4366) that has already passed the House of Representatives. The House Appropriations Committee has approved its own version of the DOT funding bill (H.R. 4820), but that legislation has yet to be considered by the full House.

The amendment in the nature of a substitute includes substantially all the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) related provisions that were in the Senate version of the DOT bill (S. 2437) that was approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee in July. The most notable provision in that package was a measure that – like the House bill – would invalidate two conditions FMCSA has placed on participation in the Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot Program. The pilot program was established by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in 2021 to test the use of commercial drivers aged 18 to 20 in interstate operations.

To follow HR 4266 here is the link: House Bill 4366

To follow S. 2437 here is the link: House Bill 2437

To follow H.R. 4820 here is the link:  Senate Bill 4820


Sandy & Stephen

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