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Equifax Data Breach

By Linda Caffee
Posted Oct 27th 2017 9:12AM

While my head was spinning, I found a podcast, as well as the website "The Money Guy Show" and I, am blown away.  When I saw, Brian had created a show about the Equifax breach I was a little hesitant to listen in as the information has been overwhelming on what we need to do to protect ourselves. 

Well, I listened to the podcast on my computer and he talked about a link in the show notes to check to see if we were affected by the breach.  While listening I clicked on the link and first checked Bob who surprisingly came up not affected and then I checked myself and I had the possibility. I walked through the links and in no time, I have a watch on my credit with Equifax.

Brian and Bo the show hosts talk about who needs to be protected and to what degree including children.  What I like about the many podcasts I have listened to already is that they are not dry and offer some pretty darn good info. 

If you are concerned and overwhelmed here is a link to their show on the Data Breach and what we can do.

The Money Guy Show

Equifax Date Breach - What you need to know

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