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By Linda Caffee
Posted Jul 25th 2021 8:27AM

Each state has different laws but…  the pedestrian has the right of way and if you do not believe that hit someone and see what happens. 

The question though is where do you stop for a crosswalk?

The other day we watched a truck have to back up to let another truck make a corner as they were so far in front of the solid white line. To me, a truck driver should know that a solid line is there so trucks can make the corner and for many other reasons.  That was a first for me to witness.  

Over the years we have seen cars stopped in the cross-walk or partially in front of the crosswalk making it difficult for the walkers as well as other vehicles.  Where do you stop and is it different when you are in your personal vehicle than when driving the truck?

While talking with a friend he mentioned that his goal is to stop where he can see the solid white line over his hood.  This way he can clearly see all the walkers.  My rule of thumb was to stop with the bumper a little back from the white line but I believe his way is much better.  Now I am working to improve my stopping habits. 

What do you do when you have to make a corner and there is a vehicle past the solid line making it impossible to complete the turn?

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