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Crisscross Sheet Clips

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jun 1st 2021 9:02AM

Truck mattresses have always been a dilemma for me.  We have had mattresses that were in the truck when we purchased it and we have had mattresses that we had custom made for the sleeper.  The common problem is that the sheets that I have found that fit the mattress relatively well are not very skin-friendly,  When sleeping going down the road we are moved a lot in the bed and the last thing any of us want is sheet rash…

Finally, I found sheets that are like sleeping in a bed at a five-star hotel.  They are the softest and most comfortable sheets we have ever slept on,  The problem is that the bottom sheet was way too big for the mattress and it was a mess. 

These straps cured the problem and they are inexpensive.  I found them on Amazon or I imagine you can find them at Walmart.   

The straps are really easy to put on and I am glad that we can now enjoy the softest best sheets we have had. 

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