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It's a Team's Life

Biggest Fear to Team Driving

By Linda Caffee
Posted Aug 25th 2009 11:13AM

After 20 years of marriage how well do we REALLY like each other?  That was the question in my mind when we decided to get into a truck and be together 24/7.  We as many couples do on the road we shower together, eat our meals together, and usually you do not see one without the other one very close by.   We found out pretty quickly who was good at what project when it involved the truck.  We share responsibilities and whichever one of us is better at something they will take the lead.  We learned how to disagree in the truck and still be within a few feet of each other.  We also learned that work comes first and petty differences take a back seat till a later time.   We figured out pretty quickly even after 20 years we still like each other and are still each others best friend.  


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