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Fuel for Thought

Working Together

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jun 10th 2018 1:30PM

For all the bad press and the social media complaints from drivers, you would think all the “greedy” truck stops were just the most horrible places for a driver to be and Satan’s disciples were running the show.

How about some good truck stop news. Reacting to a problem, at least one truck stop is now trying to be proactive to the problem of cleanliness. Truck stop cleanliness has been a growing issue for years. Even locations where trucks gather that are not truck stops have been dealing with the issue of parking lot cleanliness. Leading by example can often be a great way to start a movement.

Not only do some drivers throw their garbage on the ground at truck stops, even when dumpsters and garbage cans are available and close by, many will also throw out their dunnage. Pallets, broken load bars and even refused skids of products from their last customer can frequently be found on the perimeter of a truck stop parking area. Why drivers feel this is a good place to empty their trailer is beyond me.

While at a Pilot in Maryland, I saw this sign, and thought what a good idea. The idea of donating unwanted goods is not new, but for a truck stop to get involved is great. 

It has a domino effect.

One, the goods to be donated are not thrown in the grass behind the parking lot.

Two, no one has to then clean it up.

Three, the unwanted goods go to where they need to be.

Four, when the parking area looks clean, drivers are less likely to be the first to trash it.

Five, a trashy lot will invite others to add to it.

Six, the community around the truck stop is not so opposed to it being there.

Seven, our industry’s image is improved.

We can all agree that this should not be the responsibility of a truck stop to dispose of driver’s unwanted freight or dunnage, and true professional drivers do not make it the truck stop’s problem, but at least at this location, they are aware of the problem and are actively looking for solutions.

Maybe other truck stops will join in this proactive effort to help keep the area around their facilities cleaner and also get the unwanted goods to an appropriate location, whether it is a proper landfill or donation to a worthwhile cause. This truck stop is not offering to donate it for the the driver, but they are making them aware of the option. They are however, offering their dumpster as opposed to having it thrown on the parking lot. For those unaware, the truck stop pays for the dumpster service, so for them to give drivers that option, is very generous.  The truck stop also paid to have the signs made and installed.

Kudos to this particular Pilot location for stepping up.


See you down the road,



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