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Fuel for Thought

Waitin on a Horse!

By Dale
Posted Dec 5th 2009 6:40AM

          Yes, another one of those stories that could only happen to me! LOL.  After another slow week, yesterday I got a decent run down to North Carolina.  I needed to be home to sing in tomorrow's Christmas Contata at church, so over night last night, I headed on home.  In the  wee hours of the morning, coming across a two lane section of Rte 35 in West Virginia, traffice came to a standstill. Finally, word came back that there was a truck rollover accident blocking both lanes a couple miles ahead... and tho the driver was ok, they were estimating 2 hours before the mess could be cleared.

            Well, while everyone was spazin, and complaining about no where to turn their trucks around, I checked the GPS for an alternate route.  Well, it so happened, less than 1/4 mile away, was a side road that it could route me on.... "Country Road 34" or something like that. Now, you'd think I'd have learned about "country roads' that this GPS routes me on... LOL... nope! Away I go, 3:30 in the morning... down a road that was BARELY big enough for my van.  Both lanes would not make up one good lane.  The twists and turns made me come almost to a dead stop to make some of the turns.  Just as I was thinkin 'this is a big mistake'.... I discovered a section of houses!  Wow, what an area to live in. I found 'the boondocks'  :-)  .  As I squeezed between the cars and trucks parked on each side of the 'road'... I kept surprising deer... who stared at me, then slowly walked away... but the topper came as I rounded a curve and saw eyes reflecting in my headlights. I realized it was a horse... with his neck stuck over the fence, eating grass on the drivers side of the van. Problem was... the fence was so close to the road, when he raised his head... I could have petted him without leaning out! I had to wait for the horse to get the idea I was coming thru and pull his head safely back !!  Of course, then I met a pickup coming  towards me... with both of us having one set of wheels on the road, and the other by the ditch, we squeezed by.  15 minutes later, I came back out on Rte 35 above the accident, and had smooth sailin home!  Only me!


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