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Fuel for Thought

Visiting Mount Pilot

By Dale
Posted Sep 29th 2009 6:03PM

           Today I had another beautiful drive thru familiar territory.   I left about midnight for a delivery just outside of Winston-Salem, NC.   The drive down was all in the dark, but still familiar... down thru Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia, just into North Carolina.   After delivery I headed back home, as I needed to attend the funeral viewing for an old friend’s husband.   Isn’t it funny how funeral homes become sort of reunions? We see people we haven’t seen in years, and promise to keep in touch... but somehow it seems life always gets in the way.   I realized tonight, if it weren’t for funerals, I would never see some people.   


            Anyway.. I digress.   On the way back, it was light out of course, so I got to see the beautiful scenery as fall comes to the South.   The trees are really starting to turn now, and there’s a definite chill in the air.   As I headed North on Rte 52 from Winston Salem, I passed the town of Pilot Mountain, named for the mountain nearby with it’s unique rock dome.  

The town of Pilot Mountain is most known for it’s references in the old TV show, Andy Griffith, where it was indeed called Mount Pilot.   As you roll up 52, you will see signs for Aunt Bea’s Diner, and other local attractions.




 This is one of those places that is on my ”˜to do’ list to stop, just for fun... but timing hasn’t seemed to work out yet.



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