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Fuel for Thought

Urine The Way

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jun 24th 2019 9:41AM

You might see it from time to time. You might see it all the time. Maybe you never see it, but it is there and happening daily. In parking lots. Roadside. Rest areas. Even at shippers and receivers.

Yes, urine bottles. Golden gallons. Trucker bombs. Whatever you call it, it needs to be addressed. I agree this is a disgusting topic, but it needs to be addressed if anything will ever change.

You have probably seen these lying around where you shouldn’t, because they should NEVER be found lying around. If you are going to use a bottle for urine, please dispose of properly. What is the proper way to dispose of it you ask?

Empty the bottle(s) away from the parking areas and away from areas where people and pets walk or take inside to the restroom and empty into the toilet. There is NO reason why you should pour it out your door or window (on your own steps!?!) and leave that disgusting puddle on the ground and splashed on your neighboring truck.

Those drivers who leave these golden gallons roadside and in parking lots need to be reported. Nearly everyone has a smartphone with a camera nowadays. When you witness the urinator leaving a parking lot deposit, whether in a bottle or poured out the window, take pictures, google the company name on the truck and find an email to send the pictures to along with a description of the event. An alternate method to report these offenders is to call the state litterbug hotline phone number.

The following website has a state by state listing of phone numbers to call and report litterbugs.

State Litter Hotlines

The problem was so bad even as far back as 2003, that Washington state posted this for their anti-urine filled bottles campaign to bring awareness to the issue.

Effective since July 1, 2004, the state of Wyoming will charge apprehended pee bottlers and crap baggers with a misdemeanor, subject to $1,000 maximum fine and possibly even time in a jail cell. Montana passed similar legislation in 2003.

As for you regular offenders, Urine (You’re In) the way of truckers improving their image in the eyes of the general public. Please consider your actions, we see you and we just might report you.

See you down the road,



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