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Fuel for Thought


By Greg Huggins
Posted Apr 2nd 2021 8:11AM

While the following item can be used in many ways, I have found an excellent use for this device. It has simplified the use of and made me a little more efficient as well. Since many expediters have liftgates, I thought I would share this great new gadget with you.

No matter what type of liftgate you currently use, you must control it somehow. Standard, simple installations will include a toggle switch or control box. These are the simplest ways to control the liftgate movement, but not always the easiest or safest to use.

Many will add a long coiled wired remote control. This will give the operator the ability to move around on the liftgate with a remote that has a long cord to help stabilize the load being moved.

Some liftgates have foot controls on the platform. These are very convenient. Just by simply standing with your feet on the two buttons, you can move the liftgate and the load either up or down, while keeping your hands free to help secure the freight from shifting while being moved.

I have used all of these types of liftgate controls at one time or another. If you do not have the convenient foot controls available on your liftgate, the next best thing was a wired remote to allow you to move around and not be tied to a fixed toggle switch for raising or lowering the platform. Notice I said was the next best thing. I recently added a new way to control my liftgate…a wireless remote. 

Now I am no longer tethered to the truck with a wired remote. There is no more standing by a fixed toggle switch. There is not even any need to stand in one spot to operate foot controls.

The wireless remote I now use is very simple to install, uses a 2 button FOB remote and has a range of about 40 feet.

I have a very simple 2 button remote - one button for up and one button for down, just like the wired remotes have. If you have a slider gate, you would need a remote FOB with more buttons to control the in and out as well as the up and down movements (yes, these are available too).

Since I have installed this new wireless remote, I can now lower the gate as I open the doors, flip the platform open and raise it up. Once midway up, I can step into the truck and start to unstrap my load as the gate continues to raise to full height. Since I am no longer tethered to any fixed controls, I can optimize my time while I move the gate into position from wherever I am. I am also free to stand anywhere on the liftgate with the freight.

I found this wireless remote kit for around $20 - $25 and with a few wiring accessories to complete the installation, I maybe have $30 - $35 in it. Your cost will be higher if you have someone install it for you. It is very simple as there are only 3 wires on a flip style liftgate plus a ground wire for the new receiver.

I am not endorsing any product brand, there are several available. You can find these with a simple web search.

See you down the road,