Fuel for Thought

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate - The COVID Saga Rages On. Part 3

By Greg Huggins
Posted Aug 7th 2021 7:09PM

Now there is a new variant of the virus… again. The media is reporting that the current vaccine may not protect those who have gotten it from this new variant of the coronavirus. Are we to expect another round of vaccines for each new variant that surfaces? Or maybe just boosters?

Outbreaks of COVID-19 are starting to show up in some areas. Will we be forced to shutdown our country again? Will the people of this nation oblige another economic shutdown?

We can see everywhere we look that businesses are struggling to find workers after the lengthy shutdown of 2020. Last year workers complained of not being able to work. Now that there are jobs-o-plenty to go around, many of these same people refuse to go to work. Many still cite the health risks of working closely with others. If you are vaxxed, you need not worry. Go to work. If you are not vaxxed, you must not be concerned about the virus, so go to work. 

Since the government is not restricting your rights, now companies are doing it for them. Some companies are requiring their employees to be vaxxed in order to work. Some businesses are requiring their customers and vendors to be vaxxed to enter their buildings. Of those companies (who struggled to survive last year's shutdown), how will these restrictions help bring in customers? If they turn away unvaxxed vendors (or unvaxxed truck drivers with supplies), how will this affect their businesses? Will there be an increase for businesses without these restrictions?

As the saga of the COVID-19 (in the year 2021) continues, what is the end game? Is there an end game? What will it take for officials and businesses to say enough is enough and life comes with risks? Will COVID ever go away?