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Time For A Change

By Greg Huggins
Posted Mar 3rd 2017 11:32AM

Back in 2014 I made the switch from household moving to expediting. After more than 25 years of moving furniture,  it was time for a change. With a Great deal of research,  I decided to buy a new truck and lease to Landstar Express America. Beyond the initial learning curve,  it has been an interesting and productive experience.

My first expediting truck was a 2015 Freightliner Cascadia straight truck. It has been a great truck for handling most of the loads that I have been fortunate to haul.

A new change is at hand for 2017. My D-ST is no more. Looking forward,  I have decided to no longer drive a D-ST.

I have done well with my D-ST at Landstar Express for the past 2.5 years, but it is time for a change once again.

This week I had a Waltco galvanized /aluminum liftgate installed.

While a D-ST can do very well at Landstar Express I felt that a liftgate could open up even more opportunities. So my D-ST is now a D-LG. D-LG

Every business must look ahead to stay profitable and plan accordingly. If you are currently running a D-ST and are considering adding a liftgate,  check with your carrier first to see if it could benefit you. If you routinely go from dock to dock, it may not be a wise investment. Make sure it fits in with your business plan and will useful instead of a hindrance. If you routinely find you are losing loads that require a liftgate,  maybe it is time to consider adding one to your operation.

See you down the road,


1 Comment

  • teamcaffee - March 3, 2017
    We have always been glad we have our lift gate opens many doors for us.

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