Fuel for Thought

The Gift

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jun 14th 2022 5:56AM

There are those rare instances where you receive a gift, an unexpected gift, a gift that keeps on giving. Learning to recognize when such a gift is presented to you can be life changing in more ways than you might ever expect. At first, you may consider this gift as an opportunity, a happy coincidence, or maybe even just dumb luck, but once you realize the magnitude of the offering, you should embrace it, be grateful, humble, and above all, prove yourself deserving of such a gift. Others may have been offered the same gift only to let their own obtuseness take hold and relinquish them of the benefits thereof.

It has been said that when opportunity knocks, few will answer the call. I definitely believe this to be true. I also believe that some who answer the knock, do not perceive the opportunity in its entirety or the magnitude of the offering to its fullest potential.

Some gifts given to you require you to act, others to think, while still others only require acknowledgement of said gift. As for the gift which requires action on your part, if you act indefatigably, this is when it can become the gift that keeps on giving. 

Recognize when the opportunity knocks, act accordingly. Not all gifts are given, some require much work on your part to reap the rewards of the seedling. One small seed, properly nourished, can yield an entire grove of trees. You cannot harvest your apples until you plant your trees. The same can be said for a small opportunity presented to you.

In business, certain opportunities will only present themselves to you once. Hesitate or ignore it and it may be gone forever. Learn to recognize such opportunities. 

Don’t miss the gift of seeds while you chase someone else’s bushel basket. An envelope of seeds will yield much more than one bushel basket of fruit.

Thanks JP for the seeds.

See you down the road,