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Fuel for Thought

Ready For 2018

By Greg Huggins
Posted Dec 20th 2017 8:53AM

‘Twas the week before Christmas


‘Twas the week before Christmas,

When all over the land,

Many drivers were scrambling,  with a deadline at hand.

They waited and hoped for a congressional repeal,

But now they are seeing that the mandate is real.


Some drivers protested, argued and complained,

While others prepared for a change in the game.

The Naysayers claim, it will shorten their run,

But many have shown, that it can be done.


On the 18th , there is to be such a clatter,

I will follow the news, to see what's the matter.

Are drivers quitting, as they claimed to do?

Or are they now just drivers, without an E log to use?


For those who comply, we will just turn our keys,

Just another day at work earning money.

But we will exclaim, as we drive on their way,

Merry Christmas to all, and may all have a safe day.


Merry Christmas everyone and a prosperous New Year!


See you down the road,



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