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Fuel for Thought

Racin the Storm

By Dale
Posted Dec 8th 2009 6:56AM

          Well, I'm sitting in Peoria, IL, trying to decide whether I want to get some more sleep, or head out towards home. I had a nice 600 plus mile run that delivered in Waverly, IL this morning, then came up here to sleep. I hadn't seen the weather forcast for this area, but was hoping I'd be far enough South to miss the storm I kept hearing about.  Of course not!  They are predicting up to 5 inches over night, with winds of up to 45 mph.  The worst is supposed to hit about 7 pm tonight, but as I type this, the freezing rain has begun to fall on my van.

          So tho I am tired, I am caught in that perpetual quandry... do I get some more sleep, and hope the worst holds off, or make a run for it East and South, and try to stay ahead of the storm.  I think I'll split the difference. Nap a bit, then head out.

         Be safe everyone!


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