Fuel for Thought

Part of the Problem - OR - The Problem of Parts

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jul 17th 2021 9:06AM

Every owner operator should know that maintaining your truck is vital to your business. Recent events have put a damper on the parts supplies and finding parts, even for routine maintenance, can be challenging at times. 

If you are fortunate enough to have the funds available, when you do find some routine parts that you will need, it might be a good idea to get a few extra. Do not hoard parts. Hoarding only adds to the scarcity of supplies, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple extra filters, extra belts, etc. Even if you regularly get a shop to perform your routine maintenance, if they are unable to acquire the parts, you could supply your own and save precious downtime. 

If you need your vehicle serviced and parts are not readily available, do not put off the service until it is too far past due. This can only lead to more repairs later and at a greater cost. 

When others ignore their maintenance and have extended intervals of downtime for repairs, you can keep rolling and earning revenue.

Parts may not be easy to find right now, but don’t give up. The parts supplies will catch up to demand eventually, but in the meantime, plan ahead more than ever. You know you will need the parts, so it is an investment. There is a problem with finding some parts, but don’t be part of the problem by ignoring the repair.

Good luck.

Be prepared.

Be safe.

See you down the road,