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Fuel for Thought

Paradigm Shift

By Greg Huggins
Posted Sep 11th 2019 7:36AM

Many “big” truck drivers approach me out on the road to inquire about my “little” expedite truck. I often hear that they want to get out of the 18 wheeler and get into a straight truck. The most common reason given at first is usually because they assume that us expediters have an easier time finding parking. After some conversation, most really know very little about our side of the trucking industry. 

A paradigm shift in their world of trucking is only based on one aspect...parking. Before changing your paradigm, do your research. The expedite segment of trucking has many variables. Parking should not be the first reason to make the shift.

Parking is an issue that affects all truck drivers, big and small. This one small issue should not be the motivating factor to move to a whole different business model. Yes, parking is a big issue for many drivers, but in the whole scheme of things, it is a small issue for your overall business to succeed or fail. After all, if your only concern is to park, when does the truck earn revenue?

Research is crucial to starting any new business venture. When it comes to trucking, or expediting, parking is at the bottom of the list of priorities to be successful. 

Make no mistake, changing from tractor trailer to expedite trucking is a paradigm shift and those considering the shift should study their current situation and also research the projected business implications beyond just the parking issue.

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Paradigms are like glasses. When you have incomplete paradigms about yourself or life in general, it's like wearing glasses with the wrong prescription. That lens affects how you see everything else.

Sean Covey

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