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Fuel for Thought


By Greg Huggins
Posted Apr 18th 2019 9:00PM

We all negotiate, some more than others. Negotiations are an everyday part of life. As owner operators, we might negotiate more than other people we know. Some are more successful at it than others.

Whether you consider yourself good or bad at negotiating, there are times when you might feel you fared better than other times, but do you know why? Would you like some insights into negotiating tactics?

I just finished a book about this very subject. While I may have picked up a few pointers from the book, I also found out why and when some negotiations go better than others. Gaining a better of understanding of different tactics and when to apply them can help anyone with their negotiating skills. There were several methods in this book that I was already using, but now I know why they worked when they did, as well as why they did not in other situations. Learning different methods and when to apply them can prove quite useful.

If you are interested in the how, why and when of negotiating, or just would like to know why your own negotiating skills sometimes work well and others times do not, give this book a try.

The book, pictured above, is Getting to Yes, Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, by Roger Fisher, William Ury & Bruce Patton.

See you down the road,