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May The Force Be With You

By Greg Huggins
Posted May 3rd 2021 8:08AM

International Roadcheck starts tomorrow, May 4, 2021. For all of those worried about the blitz as it is called, May the Force be with you (May the 4th). 

It does seem fitting that a roadcheck should begin on May 4th, after all law enforcement will be in full force checking trucks for operational deficiencies. Is your truck ready for the scrutiny? Will you get through the blitz unscathed? 

Why so many drivers worry about the safety blitzes throughout each year has always baffled me. Your truck should be ready to pass an inspection any and every day, not just during a 3 - 7 day safety roadcheck. 

You can be inspected on any given day of the year. There should be no reason to worry about an impending roadcheck event such as the one that starts May 4th this year. 

Treat everyday as if it were a roadcheck day and keep your equipment well maintained then you have nothing to worry about when these types of events pop up.

It is pretty easy to see the ones who worry about these non events, they are the ones who boast about “taking that week off” to avoid it. All they are really doing is admitting they have subpar equipment and a lack of business sense. If their truck was up to the minimum standards to pass an inspection, they could continue to earn revenue that week and vacation when they want, not take vacations around DOT scheduled events. It sure seems like a lot of “independent” drivers let the DOT decide when they time off from work each year.

For the record, there are several of these events each year which focus on different areas of safety.

The International Roadcheck is set for May 4 - 6 this year with a focus on lighting and hours of service.

Operation Safe Driver is set for July 11 - 17 this year focusing on speeding.

Brake Safety week this year is yet to be announced, but as you can tell by the name, it generally focuses on brakes.

These safety events may be focused on one or two aspects, but keep in mind, they will do full inspections, not just check the emphasized items. Be fully prepared to pass a Level I inspection everyday.

See you down the road,