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Fuel for Thought

Inspection Time!

By Dale
Posted Sep 17th 2009 2:36PM

            I spent the day at home today, out of service, taking care of some errands I had put off, and getting some van maintenance done.   Since I needed to be home, I had hoped to get a run this way, but it was not to be. I had one load going to Toledo, but after I picked it up, the shipper changed their mind, and I had to take the freight back. That’s never happened to me before. I’ve had ”˜dry runs’, where the freight wasn’t ready, or something, but this time, I was actually a half hour down the road, and they decided to ship it by plane. I guess it really had to be there!   It was just “a bit” frustrating.  


            So anyway,   I came on home, went out of service for 36 hr or so, and just spent some time relaxing. This afternoon, I went and   got an oil change,   and alignment done. I had noticed a vibration during my last trip, and thought it was something in the front end.   It was a little bit out of line, but the real problem turned out to be a knot on my right rear tire.   I’m not sure what caused it, could have been a pothole, heavy load, or just age... so, next was a trip to the tire shop.   Good thing tho, because I   had my DOT inspection later today, and that would have been a definite issue.   I passed the inspection fine, and will be back in service in the morning.



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