Fuel for Thought

Ignorant Truck Drivers

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jul 24th 2022 9:22AM

Yes, you read that title correctly… Ignorant truck drivers… and they are everywhere.

If you are a truck driver then you are one of them.

As much as that might bother you, accept it. If you can accept your ignorance, then you may be able to change it.

Ignorance is just a lack of knowledge or lack of facts. I didn’t say you were stupid, just ignorant.  Ignorance can easily be remedied when you acquire the missing knowledge. 

Everyone is ignorant of many things. As they should be since no one knows everything, everyone is ignorant depending on the subject. Now that we have covered how to define ignorant, back to ignorant truck drivers. If you are a truck driver, you should not be uninformed about your line of work. There is no excuse for not knowing. The knowledge required to be a successful truck driver is available to anyone willing to learn it. If you are ignorant of your own industry then you are the only one to blame for it. When you choose to disregard the information available to you, you are choosing to fail. That, in my opinion, is where stupid comes in, and we all know that you can’t fix stupid. There is an old saying that ignorance is bliss, well, for some, it may be, but one shouldn’t embrace their ignorance. 

Anyone can go online and find out all about FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Regulations. When truck drivers choose to remain uninformed about the regulations that govern commercial vehicles, the safety of the general public is put at risk just as much as that truck driver. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.

CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) also has a detailed website chock full of information valuable to truckers. You can learn about inspections and inspection procedures so you will know what to expect when you are on the road. Their website also lists events known as safety blitzes. These are multi day targeted enforcement programs. Be in the know. Be prepared.

Then there are multiple websites, newsletters and social media online to keep up with industry news and events. You can find owner’s manuals for your truck, maintenance intervals, compare tires and fuel costs. You can shop for insurance. There really is only one reason for anyone to be ignorant of the critical things they should know - laziness. 

We are all ignorant, and while no one expects anyone to know everything, you should at least try to keep up with the industry that feeds you and your family. The more you stay informed, the easier your job will be. Changes to our industry, like many others, happen much more quickly than they did in the past. It can be a lot to keep up with at times, but if you at least attempt to follow your industry’s changes, you will be less likely to be blindsided by something many others had seen coming for months.

If we want to change the public image of truck drivers, we need to start acting more like an informed business and less like an ignorant liability.

See you down the road,