Fuel for Thought

Help Others, Help Yourself

By Greg Huggins
Posted Nov 21st 2022 5:14AM

Many of us had to learn by doing. Years ago, new truck drivers learned the ropes from seasoned drivers, not truck driving schools. Personally, I am of differing opinions as to the validity of the so called truck driver schools. On one hand, they do provide an outlet for those wanting to get into the trucking industry for anyone who doesn't know or have access to current seasoned drivers willing to help them learn all that goes into trucking. On the other hand, these schools tend to only teach applicants to pass the tests required to obtain a CDL. They do not generally teach the subtleties, nuances or courtesies of trucking. They do not, and can not, teach the real world experience of operating a truck. 

Recently, I had the privilege of helping someone learn some of these issues not covered in their truck driver "schooling". I was disappointed to learn how little they actually teach in the truck driver school he attended. I was happy to see that he learned the basics and that we needed to build on that to help him be safe and successful in his new career path.

If we, the older, seasoned drivers, don't help the new drivers coming into the industry, who will?

Many older drivers complain about the younger drivers, but rather than ridicule them, perhaps you should help them to be better truck drivers. It will elevate the industry, make the roads safer and who knows, you may even learn something g new as well. 

Helping others succeed will not only help them but help you. Their questions may require you to brush up on current regulations, new truck products or even new maintenance options. Helping a new driver will increase their knowledge and skills as well as your own. We tend to go through our days the same as before. We develop a pattern that works for us and produces the best results for our business. As the days go by, we may overlook new ways to increase our productivity or our profits. When you help a new driver learn, you are almost forces to look at your own operation in a new light so that you don't pass on old outdated ways of working today. 

Embrace the opportunity to help a new driver succeed. Learn something g new for yourself. 

See you down the road,