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Gone without a trace

Gone Without A Trace

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jun 11th 2017 10:36AM

Truck parking has been an issue for quite some time, leaving some drivers few options when it is time to stop for breaks. This can lead drivers to park in questionable areas. Most drivers try to plan ahead, but unforeseen delays in route can often put a driver in a position to get creative when it comes to parking. Finding adequate safe parking can be a challenge, but there are always better and safer options than parking on the shoulder of the interstate for a ten hour break.

A lot of drivers stop and shop at Walmarts across the country. It can be a convenient place to gather supplies for the trip ahead. More and more these days truck drivers will use a Walmart as a truck stop, spending long periods of time in the lot, but is a safe place to park for ten hours or more? Walmart is not a truck stop. Many Walmarts across the country have recently started banning trucks from their lot. Some are the result of city ordinances, some are property management company policy, while some are just managers of a particular Walmart tired of the mess left behind by some drivers.

Leave no trace, but a smile on their face and you can likely return, to that place.

It might sound like something from Dr. Suess, but that little phrase can be the difference between getting towed or booted, and being able to gather much needed supplies and continue your trip.

If you abuse it, you will likely lose it.

Whether it is Walmart, a shipper, a receiver, rest area or truck stop, treat it with a little respect. Don’t just use the parking lot as a garbage can. Use the garbage can! Most, if not all places where you can park, will have garbage cans. They planned for the garbage by providing containers for you to deposit garbage into, please use them. And if you frequent one of the Walmarts that will still allow trucks to park and shop, return the cart to the corral. That is what they are there for. If you are returning your cart and see another one left in the lot on your way, grab it and take it to the corral too. You are already going there. Help businesses that help you. If all stores banned truck parking, it would be a very long walk from most truck stops to get supplies, and the return walk to the truck, with your arms loaded will be no fun either.

If drivers will start leaving no trace that they were even there, that place most likely will not mind if you return. On the other hand, if they have to pay someone to clean up after you leave, they will make the changes necessary to keep trucks out in the future.

Be the professional you claim to be and be gone without a trace.


See you down the road,



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