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FOR SALE - Portable Grill

By Greg Huggins
Posted Aug 1st 2021 8:29AM

For Sale - One (1) pre-owned, gently cared for, meticulously assembled, clean, portable charcoal grill. This grill would be a great addition to any driver’s truck. It features folding legs for easy storage. It has a locking lid to keep it closed during transport. The lid also is hinged, so it can serve as a wind block when lighting or cooking. This awesome little grill is only small for storage, it boasts a whopping 206 sq. inches of grilling space. That’s enough for any driver or team to prepare a meal. It even has an adjustable vent on the lid and another adjustable vent just below the charcoal grate. Easily control the temperature with these handy vents. 

If you buy this gently pre-owned grill today, I will even throw in a barely used bag of charcoal (only missing a few briquettes). And as a bonus for buying today, I will even include a box of kitchen matches (new box minus 2 matches) for easy grill lighting. This one small purchase will include everything to get you ready to grill except the meat and veggies.

This grill has only been lit twice. Both times, it worked great and definitely made better tasting food than any microwave you might already have in your truck. 

Get out of your truck and get to grillin’. You would be surprised at who you might also meet when grilling in a truck stop parking lot (the smell of the charcoal smoke seems to draw drivers in like a moth to a porchlight). 

New, this grill sold for about $20, but then you would still have to buy charcoal and matches. I am willing to part with everything today for just $10. 

Well, I might take $7.50.

Okay… $5.00

Alright, just come and take it for free.

Like I said, you will draw in drivers the minute the smoke starts to waft around the lot. You will get to meet your “neighbors” in the truck stops when grilling. Buy extra meat to grill. Plan to grill all the extra. Don’t forget the plates. And the buns. And the mustard. The mayo. The ketchup. The BBQ sauce. The cheese. The onions. The lettuce. The tomatoes. The relish. And the napkins. And the drinks.

If you grill it, they will come. 

Come to think of it, I have met some interesting people while grilling on my liftgate. 

Disregard the advertisement above. The grill and accessories are no longer for sale. I will be found using this grill most every time I am parked for a 34 hour restart. I like to grill and prefer the food prepared on this grill to anything from the truck stop fast food places. I have been able to meet a few interesting people and have a little comradery that was nothing like the “lunchcounter” BS back in the day. 

See you down the road,