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Fuel for Thought

Expediters Are Not Just Expediters

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jan 16th 2019 1:20PM

Expediters wear many hats. As owner operators, we handle many aspects of running our business, while some aspects we may farm out to others, we tend to try and do as much ourselves as we can to save profits. 

Many of us will not only drive our trucks, but also handle some of the mechanical maintenance on our trucks, while hiring a shop to work we are not comfortable doing ourselves.

We may do a lot of our own bookkeeping,  but also know when to hire a professional to do what is above our abilities. 

Then are also times where we take on a while new role. Recently,  I hung up my expediter hat (temporarily),  and become my own general contractor to build a room addition on my house. My new role has different hats. Framer, plumber, electrician, custom woodworker, etc.

As I wind down this current project, it is time to get out my expediter hats and prepare to get back to "work"(as if this room addition project wasn't work?).

Now it's time to get the truck ready to go back to work and put it back on the road.

See you down the road, 



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