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Fuel for Thought


By Dale
Posted Nov 18th 2009 7:02AM

          Well, I've had a couple days of downtime this week, but not on purpose.  Came home late Saturday night so I could go to church with the family on Sunday morning.  We had a good service, then were invited up to my sister's house for dinner.  After a nice family dinner, the instuments came out, and we had a good ol fashioned "hoe-down" LOL. I'm not really a bluegrass style player, but my sis and her husband play in a gospel group that does a lot of that kind of music. So, we ended up with 4 of us singing, with guitar, accordian, banjo, harmonica, etc... just a good relaxing afternoon of fun.  I really enjoy playing guitar and singing, and it was nice to sing some of the old fashioned gospel songs I remember from childhood. 

          I was out of service til Monday evening as there were some legal matters to attend to, and paperwork from my brother's car lot that needed done.  The lot is being sold, and we're getting rid of the last few cars.  It's quite a chore going thru the drawers and boxes, and seeing all the notes and bits of him that are left. He kept everything it seems, because "ya just never know when you'll need that" LOL.. so there are boxes of odd car parts, accessories etc.  I know lot's of people have gone thru this, but it's still hard to go thru things, and find notes he left behind, knowing no-one else would know that this 'odd thing' was for.. "This is an adjustment tool for the trailing arm of a Ford 9N tractor"... etc. 

           It's funny, so much of our life can be seen in the things we leave behind.

          Anyway, went back in service Monday night... but there were several ahead of me in the area. So, I've had a couple offers, but no winners yet.  Just taking the time to catch up on things around home.

Dale is a solo van owner operator for FedEX Custom Critical, and can be reached with comments at


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