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Fuel for Thought

Doobie-ous Delivery

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jun 2nd 2021 9:35AM

Sometimes you meet some very different people while trying to make a delivery. You never know what to expect when delivering to a place you have never been before, but you have certain expectations. Then there are the ones where you encounter someone at a delivery that you could have never imagined being a part of your “routine” day. One such instance comes to mind.

Generally, when you deliver to a hospital, you hardly ever see the patients. Deliveries tend to happen at the rear of the building, at a loading dock or a delivery area away from patients. I had a delivery to a convalescent home. Just a routine equipment delivery. Easy. Only one piece to bring off the truck with the liftgate. Nothing new there. The only entrance with a door large enough to get the piece into the building was across the parking lot and through a covered patio area. No issues there. Due to COVID restrictions, the maintenance guy asked if he could take it into the building with my pallet jack, since I was not allowed inside. No problem. I stopped at the patio and he took it inside. While I stood at the edge of the patio awaiting the return of my pallet jack, I saw an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair sitting in the shade of the covered patio. Not wanting to be rude, I greeted him. He then proceeded to wheel his motorized chair over closer to where I was waiting. His response to my greeting of ”How are you today?” was “My back is killing me”. He then announced to me why he was out there. “ I’m going to smoke some marijuana, I hope you don’t mind.” I smiled and said “No sir, I don’t mind, but I will move upwind and away from it.” With his paraphernalia in both hands, he proceeded to do just what he said. I have to admit, the man’s candor was refreshing. He warned me of his intentions, giving me notice to move away. The whole unexpected interaction made me smile. I am not used to such openness when it comes to this sort of thing. Back in my home state, marijuana is not legal, but the state where I was making this delivery, it was. It seemed to make an old man happy and maybe gave him some pain relief, the latter I cannot be sure of, but he certainly seemed to enjoy it. I, on the other hand, just wanted my pallet jack back so I could leave.

You just never know what you will encounter when making a delivery… in some states.

See you down the road,