Fuel for Thought

Don't Let the Flip Flops Fool You

By Greg Huggins
Posted Dec 20th 2021 8:11AM

I have encountered many people over the years that think trucking is a non stop vacation, that could not be further from the truth. Sure it can allow you to see large portions of the country, but many times it is just seeing it pass by on the interstates and highways. Being an owner operator will usually mean you will be traveling to areas many people only see on their vacations, but there is generally not time factored into the trip to go sightseeing and many times there will not be anywhere to park a truck if you had the time. More often than not, a truck driver’s destinations will not be the scenic areas of the country. It will be warehouses, and where are most warehouses located? Not in the better parts of the cities. When you are running a business, the focus should be the job, not the tourist activities. While most non truckers or wannabe truckers see it as a job with exciting destinations, mostly it is just making deliveries on time and moving on to the next load. This is not to say that truckers do not get to see some beautiful landscapes, huge starry night skies, bright sunrises and burning sunsets, but it is not a vacation. However, sometimes it is just empty, endless highways, the seemingly never-ending rains, foggy mornings and cold icy night roads. Our office is your rush hour traffic.  Rarely, if ever, will you deliver to a warm, sunny beach, although many drivers today will have that type of footwear.

See you down the road,