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Fuel for Thought

Do You Network?

By Greg Huggins
Posted Apr 1st 2019 10:07AM

Do you network? Why not? Networking with your peers can give you new ways of looking at old ideas or problems. A fresh perspective can sometimes help solve an issue quicker and better than if you just kept pondering or worrying about it.

Where do you find such peers? There are many sources, but you have to willing to seek the advice.

Contrary to the belief that asking for help is a weakness, it actually shows your strength to know when you need assistance. Failing to seek the advice of others can prolong a nagging issue that you are trying to solve. Asking for advice from others who may be able to help is beneficial to both parties.

How do you determine if the advice is trustworthy? Ask several people and see if there is a consensus among them. Also consider the source.Why ask a broke person for financial advice? Why ask an unemployed person about a job?

Seek the advice of your successful peers and you will likely get great advice.

Where can you find successful peers? Expediters can find a world of info from seasoned professionals at

Also for expediters, there is the Expedite Expo in Ft. Wayne, IN coming in just a few months.

Social media can be a great source for networking also. Seek out peer groups within social media sites. These can range from trucking groups and carrier groups to industry pages and financial groups/pages.

Networking in today’s world is easier than it used to be. If you are not networking, you may get left behind. Even networking with just a few people will give you some of the experiences from many others.

See you down the road,



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