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Fuel for Thought

Days Off!

By Dale
Posted Sep 1st 2009 2:15PM

     Well, not much to read about today!  Took the weekend off, had to get my tags for the van, and had some family functions to attend.  Did the Birthday Party thing, went to a Hog Roast (it's a Country Boy Thang LOL).. and then Sunday was a day of Church and family time.


 Went back in service, but no runs so far yesterday or today. Had a few offers, but the ones I wanted, I didn't get.  My carrier uses a 'load opportunity' system of dispatch to save time. The load is offered to several trucks at once, rather than one at a time. That way, they don't have to wait and see if 10 trucks don't want it.. and it's an hour later before they find someone.  Mean while, the customer is waiting. Now, they offer it to several trucks in the area who can make the pick up time. Out of those who accept it, the one that has highest wait time AND meets all the requirements.. gets the load.  This is good AND bad. 

        It's good, because the load get's covered quicker, making for less frustration for dispatcher AND customer.  It's good, because, as long as I can make pickup on time, I get offered more runs. BAD thing is.. when I keep getting offered EXCELLENT runs... good pay, good miles... and I don't get them. That get's frustrating.  But, the business is picking up now, which translates into more run offers. Sooner or later, I'll get a good one! Just gotta hang in there.


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