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Fuel for Thought

Closed Minds and Open Mouths

By Greg Huggins
Posted Feb 2nd 2020 4:34PM

Whenever I hear people complain about “foreigners” in this industry, I just have to cringe a little and shake my head. Their biggest complaint is usually that they cannot understand them and they should have to learn and speak perfect English to do business with them. Generally, many of the complainers, quite frankly, could use a refresher course themselves.

I work with people all over this country and sometimes the dialects and accents can be a challenge, but where there is a will, there is a way. 

The way many English speakers abuse our language is appalling at times, especially when many of these same folks are the ones who complain about the “foreigners” they have to deal with in our industry.

Texting may be partly responsible for some of it, but just because you can do something, does not mean you should.

Prolly is not a substitute for probably.

Learn the difference between: 

  • there, their, they’re
  • are, our, hour
  • were , we’re
  • no, know
  • bear, bare
  • then, than
  • affect, effect
  • way, weigh
  • for, fore, four
  • wait, weight
  • patients, patience 
    and use them properly.

This is just a short list to get you started. 

If you think the following is a proper conversation, you have no reason to complain about how others speak.

R U gonna B L8

Prolly bout n our r to


Some of your best business opportunities may come from someone who does not speak exactly as you. If you are finding it difficult to understand them, chances are that they are also having the same trouble understanding you.

Work it out and get to work.

See you down the road,