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Fuel for Thought

Check It Out

By Greg Huggins
Posted Dec 11th 2019 7:27AM

How many times have you arrived at a shipper, been assigned to a dock number, got loaded and then told to go inside for the paperwork? It happens everyday, multiple times a day to multiple drivers. 

How often do you actually read the paperwork before signing and leaving?

How often do you actually, physically go into the back of the truck or trailer and verify that the freight loaded on your truck matches the paperwork? If it does match, do you verify that it is actually your load?

Assumptions can often lead to problems. 

Once you sign the BOL (Bill of Lading) and leave the shipper, you have taken responsibility for the load. If you did not verify the correctness of the BOL, the load or even the destination, it is now your responsibility to correct it. 

Shippers can have many loads going out in a single day. Each one going to different locations, but the products can vary as well as the quantities. You may be loaded and know where you are going, but they could have loaded you with the shipment going elsewhere. They could have mistaken which dock you were on and given you the wrong load. You could have the wrong paperwork. You could have the wrong placards. You could have the right paperwork, but the wrong load.

Mistakes happen.

Always verify the paperwork, the load, the placards, the seal number and load securement. Everything should match.

It is easy to assume that they gave you the right load or BOL, but ultimately you are responsible for it if you sign and drive.

See you down the road,