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Professional Driver


By Greg Huggins
Posted Oct 20th 2016 8:39AM

Drivers often complain about other drivers. Many complaints will be valid as there seems to be a larger number of drivers today that are less than professional. Some have no courtesy for those around them. Some are just downright rude. This applies to their driving skills as well as when you meet them in person at a truck stop or shipper or receiver. There is also the often mentioned appearance factor of today's drivers. I'm not saying every driver should wear a uniform (they should) , but at least look like someone with a job. If your customers ask who you drive for or why are you here, maybe your appearance could use a little help.

What about shippers or receivers?

What do you, as a professional driver, do when you encounter a rude or condescending shipper or receiver?

For the most part shippers and receivers understand your role in keeping their supplies replenished and, while they may not load or unload you as promptly as you like, they treat you with the courtesy that they should as one professional to another.

Every so often we might run into a person at the shipper or receiver facility that is just going to treat you wrong.

How do you deal with it?

I think we run into these people occasionally to keep us in balance. You cannot have good without bad.

I had the opportunity to meet one of these “always angry” or “ I'm above you, don't speak to me “ people recently.  Yes, opportunity, it reminded me of the importance of remaining a professional for this brief interaction with this person. Although the time seemed to slowly tick by while dealing with this very rude and very unprofessional person, it actually only took about an hour of my day to get my load delivered and move on. Although this person seemed to want to have a heated discussion about my very presence at their facility to deliver a product at a specific time, which they requested, and I met all the criteria for proper delivery, I would not allow this upper management person to force me down to their level, as I believe that I should be a professional at all times, not just when it is easy to do.

Don't let others dictate your attitude,  be a professional. Remain a professional. It is even more important to keep your cool when others try to wear you down. When you sink to their level, you are the one who looks the fool.

See you down the road,



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