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Left Lane Cruiser

Are You a LLC?

By Greg Huggins
Posted Sep 8th 2016 9:09AM

Are you a LLC? If you are, why? There are much better ways to run than to be a LLC. These days while traveling the highways and interstates, I see more and more LLCs everyday. It has almost gotten to be an epidemic. More and more LLCs hit the road every day, creating problems along the way. Our interstate and highway system was not designed for the number of LLCs that I see everyday. If you are a LLC, try another approach,  just use it and then move on.

Left Lane Cruisers (LLCs) cause more problems than are necessary. Some states, like Tennessee, have passed laws regarding use of the left lane. Proper use of the left lane on interstates helps keep traffic moving along. Bottlenecks created from these Left Lane Cruisers are completely avoidable.

On a four lane, divided highway or interstate, the left lane is for passing slower vehicles and the right lane is for traveling. The left lane is not “your” lane. If you are too busy to be bothered with returning to the right lane, do us all a favor and get off the road completely,  better yet, don't even get on the interstate,  stick with two lane roads, until such time as you learn how to drive with others.

And for LEO's sake( Law Enforcement Officers ) and BO’S sake (Breakdown On Shoulder), give those of us in the right lane a chance to move over. Not only are you holding up traffic by left lane cruising, but by not allowing traffic in the right lane to move over, you are endangering the lives of those on the shoulder of the road and causing merging issues as well.

When you LLCs do finally decide to move back to the right lane, please keep in mind, you have hung out in that lane for so long, there is no need for you to suddenly decide to cut it so close and cut off the traffic in the right lane as you move back over, usually just to make your exit.

This PSA (Public Service Announcement ) is brought to you LLCs (Left Lane Cruisers) by MOP (Move Over Please)

Don't be a LLC. Instead, study and learn the rules of the road and get your doctorate. Become a DR (Drive Right)

See you down the road, in the correct lane, please,


If you can't do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.

- William H. McRaven


  • Greg - September 8, 2016
    Are you an LLC ?
  • teamcaffee - September 8, 2016
    This is AWESOME! We go to slow to be in the left lane. Now to talk about merging...
  • Greg - September 8, 2016
    Thanks teamcaffee. Merging, ugh, another problem sometimes caused by those darn LLCs.

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