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Fuel for Thought

April 26th

By Greg Huggins
Posted Apr 27th 2021 8:13AM

April 26th. Everyone should know about this holiday. Or at least it seems we should all know about it. 

Apparently, it is okay for state and local governments to allow, and in some cases even insist on the removal of historical markers, statues and monuments associated with the Civil War. However, it is also apparent that although the governments who removed such statues and monuments still insist on observing Confederate Memorial Day, at least in one state that I know of. 

Closing a government office in observance of Confederate Memorial Day? I have lived in the South nearly all my life and have never heard of any acknowledgement of a separate Memorial Day for Confederate Soldiers. 

Soldiers are Soldiers. There doesn't need to be a separate day for Confederate Soldiers, and the State which allowed itself to be bullied into removing historical monuments from the Civil War Era should not be allowed to close any of their government offices in observance of a Memorial Day for those who died yet are not good enough to keep the history alive. 

Whether you agree with Civil War monuments on display or not, I think we can all agree that one standard is enough. 

If you cannot stand the sight of an historical object to the point where you remove it from sight, you should also be willing to give up a paid holiday to honor those whom the monuments represent. 

The next time you need to visit a government office, check your calendar, for that may just be one of  the days that only the government declares a holiday for itself (you could try calling ahead, but we all know how helpful government offices can be and how quickly they answer the phone to supply you with the correct information (yes, that is sarcasm)).

See you down the road (eventually),